Cuvée Charles-David 2023

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A blend of red varieties


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Combining four varieties - Gamay, Pinot Noir, Gamaret and Garanoir – each of which offer, separately, hints of forest fruits and of spice, this wine is relatively light in structure but has a rich colour. To drink with friends during a good meal!


Charles-David de Bonstetten, son of Baron Charles Victor de Bonstetten, did not leave his mark on history with significant actions or with magnificent discoveries. That said, it was he who completely transformed, from ground-level to the roof, the southern facade of the Château de Valeyres. Inspired by the neo-Classical architecture then in fashion in Geneva, where the von Bonstettens lived, Charles-David added a gallery and columns that give an Italian air to this old Bernese house. At the same time, internal restoration wotk included the addition of a magnificent oval salon.

To accompany:

Local meat dishes; cheese.